Easy Unleashed Net Installation

As you can see in the video, it does not take a master craftsman or professional garage door specialist to install the Unleashed product. Using basic tools and taking a little time, anyone can safely and securely add a dog enclosure net to his or her garage door.* Doing so is a simple three-step process.

1 Car = 6ft tall in height x 10 ft, 4 in wide.        2 Car = 6ft tall in height x 16 ft, 4 in wide.

1. Install Brackets

Find a stud on each side of your garage door. Measure and mark the wall at the stud at three points to determine bracket placement for the Unleashed product. Measure from the floor and mark at 19” for the top of the first bracket, 47” for the top of the second, and 75” for the top of the third bracket.

Place each bracket at the proper height individually, and use a pencil to mark the location of the holes. Screw your anchors into the wall at the marked bracket hole locations. Finally, place the bracket in place and secure it to the wall by installing screws through the bracket holes for the wall anchors.

Repeat for each bracket.

2. Secure Net

Using the snap hook fasteners, secure the Unleashed product to the brackets. Once all snap hook fasteners have been attached to the brackets, tighten the cam straps to tighten the dog enclosure net, ensuring the net extends past the edge of the garage door opening. The weighted bottom of the net should be resting on the floor of the garage.

3. Install Ground Strip

Sweep the garage floor at the bottom of the dog enclosure net, and clean the concrete to remove any oils or contaminants if needed. Once the floor is clean and dry, run the adhesive strip along the garage floor where the bottom of the net will rest. Apply pressure to the adhesive strip along the garage floor to ensure it is secure. Fasten the bottom of the Unleashed product to the secured adhesive strip. Allow 24 hours for the ground strip to adhere before use!

Once these three easy steps are completed, your dog can enjoy the fantastic benefits your net will provide.

*GARAGE FLOOR BASE BOARDS MUST NOT BE HIGHER THAN 5 INCHES OR THIS PRODUCT WILL NOT WORK! This product is not a home security system, and should only be used while home.