Unleashed Dog Barrier Features

We hope you will learn more about the Unleashed product and how it can give your dog their own private wing of your home with our dog barrier.

Room To Roam

Giving your dog room to roam is more than just something nice you can do for them. It is a clear statement of how much you care for, appreciate, and desire to meet their needs. Unleashed provides room to roam and allows them to experience the stimulation and freedom they will thrive with.

In our homes, we desire the amenities we love most. Our dogs are no different. The Unleashed product delivers fresh air and external stimulus from cars and people passing by. Shade protects them from the blistering sun; they have a dog barrier from the harshest winds and are sheltered from rain and snow. All this, while they can enjoy a multitude of sights and scents to keep them active and entertained. Your garage is transformed into their very own executive suite, offering the very things they love and need the most.

Best of all, you can benefit as well. Not only will your dog be happier, but you can rest easy knowing they are safer and more comfortable with our dog barrier.

Retention System

Whether you have little yard space for your dog, or if you are seeking a safer area which is more convenient and affordable than above ground or invisible fencing, the Unleashed product is a perfect solution. Your garage itself offers safe overhead and wall coverage, and the net secures your dog allowing them more access to the outdoor environment they love, without the dangers roaming free can pose.

You no longer need to worry about your dog taking off after a small animal, vehicle, or even the mail person! You can let your dog bask in the sunshine and breeze unattended and unhampered by an uncomfortable and limiting dog chain. Along with keeping your dog safer, it’s also a clear message to others that a dog is on the premises. Dogs are a great theft deterrent.

Comfort & Enjoyment

In some ways, dogs are not unlike humans. They inherently desire stimulus, perhaps even more so than we do.

When a dog is kept in a tiny kennel in the laundry room or even in a living room with windows, it reduces the amount of stimulus they can receive. Hearing the birds, watching people and cars pass by, and smelling the grass, trees, and flowers will make your dog a much happier one.

Furthermore, the added stimulus aids in curbing unwanted behaviors such as chewing, having indoor accidents (or ‘intentionals’ for attention), and other similar activities. In most cases, these behaviors are a sign that your dog is just bored – wouldn’t you be as well?

Unleashed can make your dog a much happier, comfortable, and better-behaved member of the family.


Unleashed is a very convenient method of providing your dogs with the stimulus they require. You could even add a dog gate from your home into the garage allowing them to ‘go outside’ whenever they choose.

It is much easier to protect them from the icy blasts of winter and the scorching summer sun than building a shelter. It utilizes a structure which is already there, leaving you more yard for other purposes. Furthermore, installing, setting up, and taking down this dog barrier is a snap.

For safety, comfort, and convenience, the choice is clear. Show how much you love and appreciate your dog. Give them an Unleashed product to show you genuinely care.